(Krönau 1858 - 1926 Bad Gleichenberg)


Eduard Kasparides was born in Moravia in the eastern part of the Czech Repubic in 1858. In 1876 he moved to Vienna to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. His teachers were Christian Griepenkerl and Josef Mathias von Trenkwald.  In 1884 he finished his studies and moved to Munich one year later, he came back to Vienna in 1886. He made several study trips during his career and traveled through Italy, Germany, Sweden and Russia.

At the begin of his career Eduard Kasparides painted mainly conversation pieces and historical paintings with religious motives. But from 1899 he found his individual style and focussed on impressionistic evening-landscapes with a strong atmospheric effect. He became a member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus in 1894 and was a co-founder of the artist group Hagenbund in 1900.

Eduard Kasparides was awarded several times, he got the Baron Königswarter-Künstlerpreis in 1899, the Mention honorable at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900 and the Kleine Goldene Staatsmedaille in Vienna, the Erzherzog Carl Ludwig Medaille in 1908, the Drasche Preis in 1911 and the Große Goldene Staatsmedaille in 1912. Eduard Kasparides died in 1926 in Styria.

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